Every single day we expose our skin to the elements both natural (sun, wind, cold) and man-made (pollution, heating). This is something most often forgotten,

but we need to remember to take every precaution to protect our skin; especially if you are a skin disease sufferer. Before braving the elements it is important to protect your skin. First rule, always use a sunscreen! Whether its winter or summer your skin is always exposed to damaging sun rays.

The skin’s main concern in winter is dehydration where we need a thicker cream or lotion to deeply moisturise which will act as a barrier against winter’s harsh conditions. Also hydration from the inside is important so drink up!

To help the whole body be happy in winter it is important to remember not to have searing hot shower or bath as this can irritate your skin further from the days harsh drying winds causing the cracking and flaking to worsen. Although a good time to moisturise (remember thick in winter) the body is after a shower and before bed as you’re generally wearing more breathable clothing. While wearing gloves and layers of socks might make you feel warmer it’s not the best for the skin and it is important to remember to always wear natural fabrics where possible.

Don’t be afraid to add oil to your normal moisturiser as this, while making your skin decrease its oil production, can actually give it the boost it needs in the winter months. Use a high quality coconut, safflower, almond, the list is endless and should be tailored to your skin type. Natural oils are also anti-fungal and anti bacterial!

There is so much information available on the internet these days, don’t hesitate to do some research to tailor a skin product or regime to your skin type or a change in elements you may be facing!

Amelia Tanner


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