Written by: Sinéad Gormley

Hello again to all of my lovely readers! We’re currently having an unexpected heatwave in Ireland, and as you’ll see, a lot of my meals/snacks have been eaten outside. Safe amounts of sunshine are great for your skin and health, not to mention your mental health, so when I see the sun shining I like to get outside whenever I can.

This photo food diary is a simple and fun way for me to show you what I’ve been eating, and will hopefully give you some ideas for healthy bites, should you need some inspiration! This food diary is based on what I ate yesterday.

photo food diary pic 1

I always love to begin the day with some porridge. I cooked the organic oats in water, and added some manuka honey, fresh raspberries and fresh blueberries.

photo food diary pic 2

Usually, I’ll try to have a small healthy snack every couple of hours, to keep my metabolism up, and of course so that I don’t starve and end up binging on something unhealthy later on. Yesterday, I chose to eat apple slices with almond butter, with a few almonds on the side. Can you tell that I love the taste of almonds!?

photo food diary pic 3

As the weather has been so nice, we decided to have an early barbeque in the back garden. This was our first barbeque of the year, and judging by the fantastic weather recently, I’m sure there will be plenty more!

As you can see from the above photo, my portion size was far too big, even monstrous you could say! But I was just so excited to be having a barbeque that I couldn’t help myself. I had chicken, sausage, red pepper, sweet potato, fresh rocket from the garden and some seeded bread. I try not to eat red meat too often, as it is quite heavy in saturated fats, and can cause skin to become inflamed, especially if you are prone to acne. Saying that, everything in moderation is fine, and it certainly didn’t stop me from enjoying my food!

photo food diary pic 4

When I was feeling peckish again in the afternoon, I took advantage of my BBQ leftovers, and ate a lean chicken skewer with a couple of grilled red pepper slices.

photo food diary pic 5

For supper, I wanted something light. I lightly fried one egg in a small amount of coconut oil, and sprinkled it with black pepper and paprika as it cooked. Avocado is so good to include in your diet if you’re trying to heal your skin from the inside, so I decided to make some spicy guacamole on the side. I simply mashed half an avocado and added a squeeze of lemon juice, black pepper and fresh chilli which I had cut into pieces. The egg was served on a bed of fresh spinach.

photo food diary pic 6

photo food diary pic 7

Before bed, I watched a movie and ate a Nakd bar. I like these as a treat, and the only ingredients are dates, cashews and raisins, with a hint of natural flavouring, as you can see from the back.

So that’s it guys, I hope you’ve enjoyed my first photo food diary, and I hope to be posting more of these in the future.


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