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The SDBM support clinic will offer education, advice and holistic treatments to help alleviate stress. A holistic approach is essential in dealing with dermatological disorders because of the profound and the far-reaching effects not only of the diseases but also of treatments.

  • Mud Therapy: May aid the recovery and healing of many skin conditions, as it acts as an anti-inflammatory on the skin and increasing resistance to disease-causing bacteria, fungi or virus to prevent reoccurrence.
  • Stress Management: Stress contributes to and exacerbates skin conditions. When you are stressed your body produces cortisol, a steroid hormone that affects other hormones and causes a whole cascade in your body.
  • Nutrition: Good nutrition gained from a healthy, balanced diet is not just essential for a well-functioning body; it also vastly contributes to healthy, balanced skin, too.The epidermis and dermis of the skin functions normally when adequate nutrition is provided. Any dietary imbalance in the form of nutritional deficiency and toxic components can disturb the balance of the skin causing skin disorders.

    The skin’s demand for nutrients is altered when the skin is put under stress and therefore skin diseases may lead to an imbalance in metabolism and cause nutritional deficiencies. Excessive inflammation of the skin is known to increase the requirements of specific nutrients.

  • Halotherapy: Salt vapour is used to treat skin conditions, such as Eczema, Acne, Psoriasis, Neurodermatitis and combat mental lethargy. It also aids respiratory ailments.

Salt is known to be: anti-bacterial, mucolytic (loosens mucus & phlegm), anti-inflammatory. In addition, salt naturally produce negative ions (atoms/molecules that take on an electrical charge). Other than walking along the ocean, or being outside immediately after a thunderstorm, it’s hard to expose yourself to as many negative ions.

Negative ions have been shown to reduce stress, headaches, lethargy, depression, dramatically increase your energy, mental alertness and overall sense of well-being.

  • Wellness Workshops: We will incorporate three types of exercise: range of movement to help maintain flexibility and strength, strengthening to help strengthen the muscles and aerobic exercises to strengthen the heart to allow the muscles to work more efficiently. We will be fusing together the teachings of Yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi.

? Yoga – combines exercise, breathing and relaxation.

Yoga can improve muscle tone and mobility; it can also help relaxation by undoing tension. Muscles and joints, circulation, digestion and the nervous and endocrine systems are stimulated and balanced by using the breath while the body is moved into different positions. The mind and emotions are also balanced and calmed.

? Pilates – teaches body awareness, breathing, balance, co-ordination, strength and flexibility. It is a series of gentle, controlled movements, which target the deep postural muscles, building strength from inside out. It puts little strain on the joints as most of the exercises are low impact.

? Tai Chi – a form of martial art, which gently exercises the body, strengthening muscles and freeing up the joints. It consists of slow, fluid, gentle, circular movements and improves energy, fitness and balance. It also helps correct body posture, improves circulation, flexibility and breathing.

  • Hydrotherapeutic Treatment: Sweat-inducing treatments stimulate the immune system, improve circulation, and help the body to purge itself of impurities.

Steam and sauna treatments can help cur or control such ailments as acne and arthritis.

The sauna increases the eliminative, detoxifying and cleansing capacity of the skin by stimulation of sweat glands. A steam bath provides a mild cleansing process for the skin as certain body fluids are released through the skin. It also promotes healthy skin tone and texture due to increased blood circulation. Using a steam room provides comprehensive and intensive cleansing for the skin. It also encourages circulation throughout the body and blood flow to the skin so the skin can get the nutrients it needs more easily.

Steam opens up your pores, allows toxins to be flushed out, and thereby deeply cleanses your skin. It washes out deep dirt and impurities and prevents the appearance of acne and pimples.

The moist heat also stimulates blood circulation to the skin surface, removes dead skin cells, and hydrates the pores.

Steam promotes healthy hair and scalp by opening up clogged pores and it deeply cleanses and hydrates the scalp, while promoting healthy hair growth.

It increases blood flow to the scalp, improves hair elasticity, and helps control the sebum production.

Steam also helps open the hair cuticle, allowing conditioners and moisturizing products to deeply penetrate the shaft of your hair strands.

  • Massage Therapy: Massage can soothe, loosen, stimulate and relax various parts of your body, including your skin. Moreover, massage is a stress reliever; if you have a skin condition like rosacea that flares up due to stress, it can help keep you relaxed and free of flare-ups. Massage can bring about:
  • Improved circulation to the skin, increased nutrition to the cells and encouraging cell regeneration;
  • Increased production of sweat from the sweat glands, helping to excrete urea and waste products through the skin;
  • Vaso-dilation of the surface capillaries helping to improve the skin’s colour
  • Improved elasticity of the skin; and
  • Increased sebum production, helping to improve the skin’s suppleness and resistance to infection.

Peer Support: It may be social, emotional or practical support but importantly this support is mutually offered and reciprocal, allowing peers to benefit from the support whether they are giving or receiving it.

It is built on shared personal experience and empathy, it focuses on an individual’s strengths, and works towards the individual’s wellbeing and recovery.

One of the key benefits of peer-support is the greater perceived empathy and respect that peer-supporters are seen to have for the individuals they support.

Peer-support also has benefits for peer support workers themselves, increasing levels of self-esteem, confidence and positive feelings that they are doing good. Peer-support workers often experience an increase in their own ability to cope with their skin condition.

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