SDBM’s mission is ‘Providing Education, Guidance and Support to skin disease patients and carers alike.’

Our holistic approach encompasses raising money to fund ground-breaking research. SDBM sees research as an essential means of advancing education about the nature and causes of skin diseases. Furthermore, research is an important tool in finding practical solutions to help skin disease patients manage, cope and live with their disease. This is especially so if the skin disease is currently thought of, as incurable. Causes of skin disease need to be explored to enable the production of effective treatments and cures.

SDBM broad criteria for research funding:

  • the subject matter of the proposed research is a useful subject of study;
  • it is intended that knowledge acquired as a result of the research will be disseminated to others; and
  • the research is conducted for the benefit of the skin disease community of interest.

Research must be in a subject, or be directed towards establishing an outcome, which is of value and calculated to promote in a meaningful and direct way the particular charitable aims indicated in SDBM’s objects – to advance or enhance knowledge and understanding in an area which education may cover for the public benefit.

Any research, which results in useful knowledge, will be disseminated. This includes making the knowledge available or otherwise accessible. In some circumstances, particularly as SDBM’s aim goes beyond the advancement of education, knowledge acquired as a result of research must be ‘disseminated’ through the practical application of the research results where this is done for the public benefit. This applies equally to research results whose value is immediately apparent and may be of practical application, and to research results which simply add to the store of useful knowledge and which may be developed further by subsequent research.

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