Mobile Wellness

Lack of exercise is a major factor contributing towards ‘sick skin’. So, at SDBM we are designing a service, which aims to allow housebound skin disease patients to take regular exercise.

When you think of skin disease, you automatically think of how it affects a person on the surface and the pain caused by the skin. Unfortunately, sometimes-underlying issues can occur through lack of movement, such as stiffness in joints and muscle weakness due to the pain many skin disease sufferers have to endure. Exercise can be the last thing on your mind or what you want to do when you are suffering in pain.

People with skin disease encounter physical and psychological barriers, they feel uncomfortable with the idea of physical and social activity because of the pain, discomfort and embarrassment experienced; for many these can exacerbate the skin further due to the skin splitting. By shielding their condition and abstaining from any form of activity, they try to hide from these uncomfortable feelings. These barriers also cause decreased social interaction and social development.

Sitting or lying down all day due to pain or mobility issues and doing no exercise makes circulation sluggish and the blood, which feeds the skin, becomes toxic. The skin needs oxygen and nutrients and the toxins need to be washed away. However, if circulation is poor, blood moves slowly. Oxygen levels go down and the skin cannot be fed.

However, exercising is one of the best ways of relieving stress, reducing stiffness, keeping pain at bay as well as maintaining movement and joint mobility, and increased muscle strength. It also helps maintain a healthy weight as many skin disease sufferers find they may gain weight because of the side effects of some medications and lack of movement. This in turn can put further strain on joints.

This project will have a substantial vehicle equipped with exercise equipment.

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