Skin Health in Schools

To develop and produce a free program that provides schools with a comprehensive skin health education curriculum, onsite professional development training workshops, student materials, on-going consultation, and technical assistance.

The modules will be reviewed and approved by expert dermatologists for scientific content and by a national cohort of educators for its educational material.

All modules will include “Teacher Background Information” sections on skin health and “Appendices” with basic information on school health. The entire curriculum contains teacher-friendly developmentally appropriate lessons on a range of skin topics such as the structure and function of skin, first aid – healthy skin, the role media/advertising plays in body image, sun safety, acne, nutrition, and skin diseases and disorders. The skills-based, culturally sensitive curriculum aligns with national health education standards.

Professional development training workshops will last between 2½ and 3 hours and are specifically designed to meet the needs of each local school district. Participants are prepared to teach skin health immediately upon returning to the classroom.

SDBM program staff will lead the professional development-training workshop along with a local dermatologist who presents an expert overview on skin health, answers questions, and serves as a resource to the participants after the training.

Typical training workshop participants are classroom teachers, administrators, health and physical education teachers, science teachers and school nurses. Training workshop attendees each receive curriculum materials for the grades they teach. Participants also receive take-home materials for students, parents, and families that link to, reinforce, and expand the classroom lessons. These interactive magazines and workbooks will help parents understand key skin health messages and provide opportunities to support at-home student learning.

Skin Awareness Seminars for Primary Care Practitioners

This series of seminars is aimed at raising awareness of skin diseases and how they affect people. Guest speakers include the latest leading medical research to provide advice from renowned dermatologists.

The seminar series is directed at the primary healthcare team: practice managers, GPs, practice nurses, community health specialists, and other healthcare professionals. It is our intention to gain RCGP (Royal College of General Practitioners) Educational Accreditation so that GPs can claim CPD (Continuing Professional Development) points.

All education providers, whose CPD activities have been accredited, become a member of the RCGP’s Education Provider Network and benefit from concerted promotion of our events and activities to RCGP membership and help SDBM achieve full market recognition for our accredited status.

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