SDBM Explore: Children’s Activity Camps

SDBM Explore is aimed specifically at children and young adults aged between 7-17 affected by skin conditions to help bring them out of social exclusion and help develop their confidence and self-esteem. Under the expert care of volunteer dermatologists and nurses, children suffering chronic skin conditions will benefit from a week of fun and adventure, while meeting others facing similar challenges and learning they are not alone, as many encounter physical and psychological barriers, they feel uncomfortable with the idea of physical and social activity because of the pain, discomfort and embarrassment experienced. By shielding their condition and abstaining from any form of activity, they try and hide from these uncomfortable feelings. These barriers also cause decreased social interaction and social development.

The activity camps aim to develop children’s self-esteem and confidence. SDBM Explore uses residential activity camps to support a range of skills development and outcomes, which cannot be easily achieved in any other environment. Children with chronic skin conditions will benefit from fun and adventure, while meeting others facing similar challenges and learning they are not alone.

We want to encourage integration and help children and young people find ways to cope with their disease. This can be achieved with peer support as through communication you can find great inspiration from others suffering from similar conditions. Individual support can also be provided if needed to help those who are finding being in a different environment challenging and difficult. It can be a challenging task for the child to attend the camp as they need strength and stamina to prepare for the conditions of a different environment. To go to camp, they have to leave their families and travel to unknown places where they do not know a single person. Moreover, inside, each is thinking that he or she will be the worst looking kid at camp.

The Activity camp will offer an array of activities that will include archery, quad biking, group therapy, sports and team games, kite flying, excursions, abseiling to name but a few. The camp will also provide a welcome respite for carers.

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