Written by: Sinéad Gormley

Turkey chilli is one dish I always go back to when I want some real (healthy!) comfort food. It’s
packed full of great ingredients that you will reap amazing health benefits from. If you’re not the
biggest fan of vegetables, then this is an ideal way to eat them, as the flavours in this dish make
everything taste so good. (I’ve tested this on my boyfriend, who isn’t too keen on vegetables, but
adores this dish!).

If, like me, what you eat directly effects the condition of your skin, then this dish is perfect for you. It’s gluten and dairy free, and it’s full of skin loving ingredients. It is tomato based, and therefore packed with lycopene, which helps to protect against free radicals and UV damage, and vitamin C and A, which help to maintain healthy skin and hair. Plus all the vegetables you include will feed your body with so many nutrients. I’ve chosen turkey mince over beef, as it is lower in saturated fat and is a lot healthier and leaner than red meat, which can cause inflammation to the skin of people who suffer from acne/psoriasis.


Turkey chilli ingredients pic 1

Turkey breast mince pic 2

• Turkey mince
• Coconut Oil (For frying the meat)
• Chopped tomatoes
• Tomato Purée
• Kidney Beans
• Mixed Vegetable of choice (I used red pepper, celery & courgette)
• Onion
• Garlic
• Spices (Paprika, Chili flakes, Cumin, Black pepper)

Making the chilli

• Melt some coconut oil on medium heat. I like to use a large wok for cooking this dish. While the
oil is melting, I like to season the turkey with black pepper while it’s still in the pack. Fry the
turkey mince until cooked through.

fried turkey mince in a wok pic 3

• Once the meat is cooked, add in the can of chopped tomatoes, and a can of water. Bring to the boil.

• When the mixture has started to bubble, add in the tomato puree, onion and garlic. Onion and
garlic are usually fried with meat at the start of a dish like this, but I find that when you allow them to stew in the liquid, the flavours are amazing.

bowls of onion and garlic pic 4

pic 5

• Add in your kidney beans and veg. Stir well, and then add in 1 teaspoon of chilli flakes (this is
quite spicy, so use a half teaspoon if you prefer), 1 teaspoon of paprika, half a teaspoon of
cumin, and plenty more black pepper. The mixture will seem very liquidy, but this will reduce as
you allow to to simmer after this step.

kidney beans and vegetables pic 6

seasoning pic 7 cooking turkey chilli pic 8

• Turn down the heat, pop on your lid, and allow to simmer for as long as you want! I love to leave the dish stewing for at least an hour, as the flavours get a chance to really infuse and the liquid goes down.

cooking turkey chilli pic 9

I love to serve this chilli with basmati rice and rocket. From time to time I’ll eat a small bit of dairy, and will put a small bit of grated cheddar cheese on top on this.

turkey chilli with basmati rice pic 10

The best thing about this recipe is that you’ll most likely have a lot left for leftovers, and it tastes
even better the next day. In fact, I’m off to have some leftovers now!

turkey chilli with basmati rice pic 11



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