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Suffering from acute acne or even having the odd blemish can really damage our confidence and self-esteem. Fortunately, there are several great makeup brands out there that help conceal and even treat acne.

It takes a little bit of experience, but once you’ve mastered the techniques and found the right product for you, it’s as easy as brushing your teeth. Of course, there’s always the danger of making your acne worse, which is why you have to be careful to choose products that don’t irritate your skin or clog your pores. If in doubt you should always seek advice from a professional before experimenting. Here are some handy tips when it comes to finding the right makeup for acne prone skin and preventing future breakouts.

The Right Facial Foundation

A lot of women immediately reach for a liquid foundation because it’s quick to use and most readily available on the market. Just keep in mind that liquid foundations have a tendency to clog pores and get mixed up with oil and dead skin cells, so look for oil-free foundations, and where possible ones that have been dermatologically tested. Clinique’s Anti-Blemish Solutions Liquid Makeup is a lightweight, liquid foundation perfect for oily skin – not only does it give amazing coverage, it also has skin-clearing benefits that work on existing breakouts to keep them from coming back! So you’ll not only be concealing and neutralising the appearance of redness, you’ll also be preventing future blemishes.

Clinique anti-blemis solutionsClinique Anti-Blemish Solutions

It is also essential that you find the right colour to match the tone of your skin. It takes a bit of work in research to find the perfect colour, but it’s well worth it in the end. You can have your skin professionally matched by a specialist like myself, or you can do it by yourself. A word of warning, if trying out products under department store lighting, always check to see what it looks like in natural light for a true colour match, and prevent costly mistakes or embarrassment. After all, no one looks good with a perma tan or ghostly hale.

Jane Iredale Amazing BaseJane Iredale Amazing Base

Choose Mineral Makeup

Rather than going straight for a liquid foundation, acne prone skin often works better with mineral makeup. It feels lighter on the skin and has less chance of clogging pores. I’m a particular fan of Jane Iredale Mineral makeup, which is free from the talcs, fillers and chemicals that can irritate sensitive skins. The creamy minerals look like a powder, but when applied, feel like a silky, soft cream, and buff on beautifully. Made with the purest, highest-quality ingredients, it adheres to your skin’s natural oils and sits on your skin, instead of seeping into your pores. It also has skin protecting properties, as it acts as a barrier between your skin and the environment, while still letting your skin breathe. I also like the way that you can build up the layers to achieve the desired coverage without feeling like you’re ‘caking’ the make-up on. Which is a common mistake people can make when trying to disguise facial flaws.

Skin Camouflage

For acute acne, and significant redness, a higher coverage may be needed to achieve a flawless finish. This is when I turn to Skin Camouflage. Camouflage creams have a higher concentrate of pigment, offering twice the coverage of a traditional foundation but with a natural lightweight finish. Vichy Dermablend is one of the best on the market, providing total coverage, while giving you the benefits of a skin treatment. Its Vichy Thermal Spa Water is renowned for its soothing and fortifying properties, leaving skin hydrated and any irregularities perfectly concealed.

Vichy Dermablend Corrective FoundationVichy Dermablend Corrective Foundation

Acne Concealers

After you have a good foundation, you can also apply an acne concealer to further hide the problem. Your concealer should match the tone of your foundation. In order to give yourself an extra boost of treatment, you can find a medicated product that conceals as well. Neutrogena happens to have a great one that works well to prevent acne and blackheads. Just be careful because you don’t want to overload your face with chemicals if you’re also using a medicated cleanser and topical cream. You can also dab on a bit of yellow concealer to the blemish to minimize any redness before adding a natural tone on top. I find yellow works far better than green, which when applied too heavily can look ashy or worse like Shrek!

Good Techniques

Applying makeup isn’t just about rubbing something all over your face, you have to use care and proper technique. For acne prone skin, a gentle dabbing motion is more effective than circular rubbing. Most importantly, make sure that any tool that you use is cleaned properly beforehand. You don’t want to be spreading bacteria all over your face, and this applies for your hands as well. Always moisturize and prime the skin well before any makeup application, this will help to prevent any cakiness and make your makeup more long lasting, and then finish with a fixing powder or setting spray. A cardinal rule: always remove your makeup at night, cleanse and moisturize your skin. No excuses!

Having a great skin isn’t just about vanity, it’s about getting your self-confidence. Finding good makeup and knowing how to apply it can make all the difference to how we see ourselves, and our ability to function in the world. Once you’ve mastered the art of make up, you won’t be hiding behind your hair no more.

Charlotte Trendell is a Professional Makeup Artist and Skin Camouflage Practitioner


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