By Christine Gunton

One a Day keeps the Doctor away or so the saying goes. Here’s what else they can do for you.

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Green Apple is used to maintain bones and teeth. It also aids good vision and provides anti-cancer properties. Red Apple is good for heart and memory functions well. It also reduces the risk of cancer and maintains urinary tract Yellow Apple is good for heart and eyes, immune system and also reduces some risk of cancer.

With over 7,500 varieties throughout the world, you’re spoilt for choice. The apple tree originated in an area between the Caspian and the Black Sea.

Apples are fat, sodium, and cholesterol FREE.

A medium apple is about 80 calories.

Apples are a great source of the fibre pectin. 1 apple has 5 grams of fibre.

Don’t peel your apple. Two thirds of the fibre and lots of antioxidants are found in the peel. Antioxidants help to reduce damage to cells.

Apples float because 25% of their volume is air.

Apples ripen 6-10 times faster at room temperature than if they were refrigerated.

Apple pips contain trace amounts of cyanide (but you’d need to eat at least an Orchard full to do any harm-so don’t be put off!)

No need to eat them to reap the rewards of this little power fruit! Why not try Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) as a regular in your 7 a day diet!

Some of the Benefits of drinking ACV include balancing your skin’s pH levels, used as a skin tonic as well, it can help with acne.

It can take a little getting used to, so try this recipe to make it a bit more palatable to drink –

6 ounces of hot water with a table spoon of ACV and 1 teaspoon of honey.

Drink 15mins before eating this can aid digestion and help as part of a weight loss regime.

UV protection: Apples contain UVB defending particles providing extra protection from the sun’s rays. To treat and prevent peeling from sunburn blend a teaspoon of glycerine with the pulp from a grated apple. Apply to your skin and leave for 15 minutes then wash off with cold water.

Some of the other great benefits of a grated apple pulp mask include re-hydrating the skin. To exfoliate rub it on and leave for 10/20 minutes to eliminate wrinkles whilst also healing and cleansing your skin. Used as a toner mix some raw apple pulp with a little ACV to help keep acne/pimples at bay. Puffy eyes? Place a slice of apple under your eyes to reduce dark circles.

Apples can also be of benefit to your hair. This is due to the presence of a nutrient called Biotin-a natural growth steroid which promotes hair and nail growth. The humble apple has the potential to prevent hair loss thanks to a soluble fibre contained in the SKIN (so don’t peel them), the skin in particular has many antioxidants and vitamins. Eaten daily apples can prevent hair loss due to the antioxidants ability to increase circulation to the scalp, encouraging hair growth. Give your hair a final rinse of apple juice which will give your hair a healthy shine and prevent dandruff!

Alternatively just eat them! Unpeeled of course, one large apple provides around 4/5% of the daily vitamin A requirements of an adult as well as being a natural source of retinoids, an important ingredient in skin development and the prevention of skin cancer.

terrapin and apple


Please be aware that I am NOT an expert in this field. These suggestions are a combination of personal experience (friends, family, neighbours and colleagues) and independent research. This nformation is not intended to replace the advice of a Doctor/Nutritionist. Please patch test all suggested treatment for external use. SDBM disclaims any liability for the decisions the reader may make based on this information.


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