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If you really are what you eat, then my New Year’s Resolution is to become a Rainbow.

We are all being actively encouraged to eat more fruit and veg. Although the current recommended daily intake is five a day, many nutritionists insist this is nowhere near enough and we really should be aiming for at least 10 a day! A daunting prospect for some (particularly for those of you with fussy little eaters!). In an ideal world this should be 5/10 differently coloured fruit and veg to gain the most benefit from all that Mother Nature has seen fit to provide us with.

It is with this in mind that I have decided to aim for a happy median of at least seven a day; ergo the colours of the Rainbow seemed like a good place to start. On the plus side, what small child won’t want to try to eat themselves into a Rainbow. By encouraging this train of thought, they may be more likely to continue along these lines quite naturally, developing healthier eating habits into adulthood. Furthermore the older or more knowing youngsters could be encouraged into growing their own colourful fruit and veg bringing into play the need for them to explore seasonal produce as well as perhaps some creative thinking into how and where to grow their produce. Let us face it not everyone has garden space to do so, particularly inner city residents where affordable healthy fresh produce options may be limited.

I have happy memories of my middle child winning her first obstacle course race at primary school. The first part was a mini egg and spoon race. The second part a mini section of a sack race and so on. However, the last section involved eating a raw carrot before sprinting to the finish line.

CarrotsMy daughter by this stage was trailing behind somewhat. The leaders in this race were completely floored by the prospect and perhaps more alarmingly some had no idea what a carrot was or those who did had never eaten them raw! No problem for my daughter who merrily munched her way through the offending obstacle whilst her classmates looked on in absolute horror and some quite literally started heaving at the sight of her doing so! (There were more than a few red faces amongst the mothers I can tell you!). I was a rather smugly proud mummy that day!

Although the focus of my attention shall be nutrition, I hope to explore the benefits of a Rainbow environment, how colours affect mood and well-being. Thus bringing into play the main staples of a healthier mind body and soul: Nature-Nurture-Environment.

So let’s get munching and crunching…


Please be aware that I am NOT an expert in this field. These suggestions are a combination of personal experience (friends, family, neighbours and colleagues) and independent research. This information is not intended to replace the advice of a Doctor/Nutritionist.

Please patch test all suggested treatments for external use.



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