Face Mapping

Written by: Sinéad Gormley

In the past, face mapping is something that I thought had little truth to it. But in recent years, the more I’ve read about it, the more I can see that it actually is a great indication of our inner health. Whenever I get acne, it’s always, without fail, located around my chin and jawline, and never anywhere else. (more…)

Green Tea Skin Care

Written by: Kofi Dwinfour

Many nutritionists across the world recommend drinking green tea daily. The health benefits of green tea are huge and well established. It can be drunk warm or cold – although many believe its benefits are far greater when drunk warm. Here are some of the proven ways that green tea benefits health: (more…)

Stand up and be counted

Written by: Kofi Dwinfour

This week I want to up date some past blogs.

citizens advice bureau logo

First up, Do Citizens Advice NOT Care about skin disease patients?

It seems I had a massive over reaction to Andrew Seager’s email message to me. One of our latest volunteers, Mandy Calder, was going through our Facebook page and noticed the discussion about Citizens Advice following my blog post. She tells me that: (more…)


By Christine Gunton

One a Day keeps the Doctor away or so the saying goes. Here’s what else they can do for you.

green apple red apple yellow apples
Green Apple is used to maintain bones and teeth. It also aids good vision and provides anti-cancer properties. Red Apple is good for heart and memory functions well. It also reduces the risk of cancer and maintains urinary tract Yellow Apple is good for heart and eyes, immune system and also reduces some risk of cancer.


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