Listen closer, do you want to know a secret?

They say it’s good to talk. I was noodling on my laptop and my mum suddenly loomed over my shoulder. I was on just checking that things were working properly. She asked me how things were going with SDBM. I nonchalantly replied “ok”. Then, to my great surprise, she started telling me something she had never told me before. It was as if she was revealing a great secret. (more…)

Can you hear me now?

Written by: Kofi Dwinfour

Recently I was talking with Shabana Islam (founder of SDBM). After some pleasant chitchat Shabana started giving me a bit of a Spanish Inquisition (nobody ever expects the Spanish Inquisition). After some brave stalling, I finally relented. I admitted to her that before I met her and got involved with SDBM, I was ignorant about skin disease and how it affects the lives of sufferers. I had no idea about the severity of the physical pain. I was embarrassed. Monty Python Spanish Inquisition (more…)

Great new volunteers at SKIN DEEP Behind the Mask

Written by: Kofi Dwinfour

In a previous blog post I wrote about the joy of giving by volunteering. Since then I am delighted to welcome some amazing new volunteers here at SKIN DEEP Behind the Mask. I am truly astounded by the generosity of these wonderfully talented people. In this post, I should like to shine a spotlight on one in particular. Kimberly Kriss joins us a journalist/writer. Kimberly’s stellar career has seen her drive the direction of some of the world’s leading brands.

Do Citizens Advice NOT Care about skin disease patients?

Written by: Kofi Dwinfour

As you know SKIN DEEP Behind the Mask is a new charity. We have big ambitions and lofty aims, but we are also pragmatic. We know that we just don’t have the funding and resources to do all we want to do. Well, not just yet anyway. So, wherever possible we try to work with others (check out our skin forums in partnership with talkhealth). (more…)

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